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Enter your current hourly rate for in-office assistance, or assume a minimum of $15.00 

$ hourly

x 40 hours

= $1,000 weekly

x 4 weeks

= $4,000 monthly

x 12 months

= $48,000

+ 35%

= $64,800+ annually
[+ lunch breaks, sick and holiday pay, office space, technology, non-productive hours] Enter the number of hours per week you will require of Wahms Talk Biz, or assume 20 hours per week.

$15 hourly


= $300 weekly

x 4 weeks

= $1,200 monthly

x 12 months

= $14,400 annually
[With a Virtual Assistant you never pay for lunch breaks, sick or holiday pay, or non-productive hours because a VA is an independent contractor working from their own home office only if and when you require assistance.]
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