Banner & Blog Biz

There are standard sizes for Web banners
468X60 - the most popular size $7.00
965x325 Header banner $10.00
234X60 - half banner $5.00
120X240 - vertical banner $5.00
125X125 - popular button sizes $5.00
Banner and Button Combo $13.00
Letterhead $5.00
Letter To PDF $5.00
Personal Newsletter $5.00
Business Newsletter $5.00

Other service available:
Newsletter distribution with your email addresses $6.00 2 additions with your business/company banner.

Business Flyer $5.00
Business Cards - 80 Cards $10.00
Business Cards Template emailed to you $7.00
Video Production $15.00
Management of Blogs:

  • Blog Management $50.00
  • Blog Critiquing $40.00 One time charge and includes a header banner and sidebar button. This would also include layout changes, (width) making appropriate changes to enhance the appearance of your blog. Adding widgets, subscribe button, a twitter button, etc.

I would be happy to write a purposal on pricing for multiply items. Discount on multiple items.  Please email me for your inquiry @

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