Friday, March 9, 2012

December Newsletter

The cost is ~$2.50~ for those that are interested in this newsletter,
and the ad can change each week or remain the same.
How we did this last year was a 200 word message and a banner and or pictures. If you dont have a banner
(no worry I will make one at NO COST).
Once you pay for the newsletter you can send what you want to 
appear to my email address at

Now so you know, my audience has increased tremendously over the past year, I have 3 Twitter accounts, our Live laugh Love To Shop Blog, + the Gift Guide will have a link as well, I have 2 Facebook accounts and I have built a following on Google +1 and Stumble Upon. 

So there is an estimated viewers of 10,056 and increasing daily, not to mention my readers & followers on three blogs.

To Make Payment This is the PayPal Link

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